Waad Nadhir – Tips for Business Professionals in Leadership Positions

Waad Nadhir is a commercial real estate professional who has been working in the industry for several years. He is the current Co-Founder and President of BOSC Realty Advisors, and he also serves as a consultant for Steadfast Companies. He understands that being in a leadership or managerial position can be difficult; here are some tips for people in those positions.

When working in a leadership position, you need to be able to lead with understanding and compassion. When you have an employee who makes a mistake, for example, don’t get overly upset. You need to try and understand why the employee made the mistake in the first place so that steps can be taken to avoid it later on.

Successful leaders or managers are also able to give their employees space when completing their assignments. Trust is key to being a good leader who is respected by his or her subordinates. Don’t micromanage your employees too much, but that doesn’t mean don’t check up on them at all. Trust your employees to do their work.

Being a leader also means making sure your employees are motivated and work well together. Team building exercises are a great way to ensure that your employees are comfortable with the people around them, and that they trust themselves in the work place. Figure out the best way to motivate your team of employees, and show that you care about how hard they work.

Waad Nadhir is a commercial real estate developer who is currently working in a leadership position, and has been for several years. He takes the time to manage his employees.


Waad Nadhir – Tips for Operating Your Own Business

Waad Nadhir is a commercial real estate development professional who has been working in the industry for a number of years. He is the current President and Co-Founder of BOSC Realty Advisors, and he is also serving as a Consultant for Steadfast Companies. He is a natural entrepreneur who has experience developing his own companies; here are some business operation tips.

When you’re operating your own business, you need to think about your clientele. This seems obvious, but you need to have the consumer or client at the forefront of all your decision making processes. Think about the way your company can provide the consumer with something better than competition, or how you can offer a new spin on an old, but needed service.

In addition to thinking about the consumer, make sure you hire the right people to work at your company. You need to find hard working, enthusiastic employees who you can trust to do their jobs in a satisfactory manner. This is one of the most important aspects of establishing your business, and you need to start devoting time to finding the right professionals immediately.

Lastly, do your research on your target industry, and develop a business plan. You need to understand the industry you’re about to enter into professionally, and you also need to develop a strategy for growth as you work towards earning a profit.

Waad Nadhir has experience operating, starting, and selling companies throughout his career as a commercial real estate developer. He knows what it takes to make a business successful, and what to do to further that success as time goes on.

Waad Nadhir – Three Challenges Facing Urban Infill Development

Waad Nadhir is a successful commercial real estate developer who is currently serving as the President and Co-Founder of BOSC Realty Advisors. As a professional in the industry, he is no stranger to urban infill development, which is essentially using empty space in urban communities to sustain growth. However, urban infill development has at least three challenges to face.

One, urban infill development is typically much more expensive for developers to work with urban space than suburban space. Although it does promote growth within the community, it sometimes isn’t feasible financially for developers to take advantage of the empty space. Not only do they have to acquire the land, they also have the clear the area completely.

Two, developers have a much harder time amassing land in an urban environment. They have to acquire the land parcel by parcel, which means that they could run into landowners who don’t want to sell their property in the target area. There is a great deal of red tape that must be crossed by developers in order to get the right amount of land they need to be profitable in the long run.

Three, developers will typically run into social barriers like public disagreement. Much of the empty space used for urban infill development could be used as open space for the community, or even a park. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues developers face when trying to utilize empty urban space.

Waad Nadhir has been working in the commercial real estate industry for several years, and he is no stranger to urban infill development and the challenges developers face.